Talks, presentations, and demos.

Introductions & Project Updates

Introduction to and State of libp2p - Max Inden

PL EngRes libp2p Development and how you can be involved - Steve Loeppky

libp2p Project and Long Term View - Juan Benet

Solving Distributed Networking Problems - Jacob Heun

Browser Connectivity

Browser connectivity state of the union - Marten Seemann

QUIC Deep Dive - Marten Seemann

WebTransport Transport - Alex Potside

Why WebRTC - Ryan Plauche & Max Inden

Technical Deep Dives

Decentralized NAT Hole Punching - Dennis Trautwein

Decentralized messaging & libp2p - Jacob Heun

Demystifying libp2p Gossipsub - Raúl Kripalani

Formal Analysis of GossipSub - Ankit Kumar

Tools for developing distributed protocols and apps - Pedro Akos Costa

DOS Defense - Do’s and Don’ts - Max Inden

libp2p Interoperability Testing with Testground - Laurent Senta

The power of two choices - Petar Maymounkov


libp2p in Nim - Tanguy

How Pyrsia is Using libp2p To Take Over the World - Elliott Frisch and what we're doing with IPFS and js-libp2p - Drew Ewing

Intro to Lodestar - Cayman Nava

Older Videos

The Life of a libp2p Connection - Jacob Heun

Introduction to rust-libp2p - Pierre Krieger

The libp2p Consensus Interface and the Raft Implementation - Hector Sanjuan

Go-libp2p-gorpc: simple RPC on top of libp2p - Hector Sanjuan

libp2p ❤ devp2p: IPFS and Ethereum Networking - David Dias

P2P networks at the Decentralised Web Summit