Talks, publications and demos.

Introductions & Project Updates

May 2022 - Introduction to and State of libp2p - Max Inden

May 2022 - libp2p Project and Long Term View - Juan Benet

July 2021 - Intro to Libp2p - Max Inden

July 2020 - Intro to decentralized messaging & libp2p - Jacob Heun

Technical Deep Dives

Challenges in Browser Connectivity - libp2p’s future - Marten Seemann

Hole punching with libp2p - Max Inden

QUIC Deep Dive - Marten Seemann

Gossipsub, A gossip-based pubsub protocol - Yiannis Psaras

Demystifying Libp2p Gossipsub - Raúl Kripalani

Solving Distributed Networking Problems - Jacob Heun

Introduction to Rust Libp2p - Pierre Krieger

The libp2p Consensus Interface and the Raft Implementation - Hector Sanjuan

The Life of a libp2p Connection - Jacob Heun

Go libp2p gorpc simple RPC on top of libp2p - Hector Sanjuan

Older Videos

libp2p ❤ devp2p: IPFS and Ethereum Networking - David Dias

Peer to Peer Networks at the Decentralised Web Summit